Constructing Complexity

Self-storage development has evolved into a unique sector within the construction industry. It has become a highly competitive market – its expansion a byproduct of population growth and urban sprawl. Projects in this industry have grown increasingly complex, with multi-storied structures replacing drive-up facilities. Municipalities are also playing an increasing role in the reinvention of this space as they are adopting a mentality that a self-storage building should be a visual asset that blends in with a community by adhering to specific architectural guidelines that encompass a list of requisite bells and whistles.

DDC Threecore recently partnered with StorageMax to create a facility of various sized units that incorporated many elements currently trending in the industry, including a three-story, 104,580 sf design, highlighted by an aesthetically appealing façade which utilizes building materials such as brick, architectural panels, and glass for a more retail-oriented vibe. In order to support the weight of this three-story building, we also utilized a geopier system to stabilize the building pad – creating a foundation with the strength required to support the structure. Currently under construction, the project will be completed in Fall 2019.