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At the heart of many companies are industrial distribution facilities. Evolving such facilities to meet the shifting needs of the industry is essential to the operations of the brands serviced by logistics centers. Threecore is pleased to partner with DHL Supply Chain on adjustments to their existing 880,000-sf distribution facility situated in Monroe, Ohio.

As part of the project scope, our team is constructing a variety of new spaces; among them are hazardous materials rooms, offices, an aerosol cage, a guard shack, and a trucker’s lounge. Additionally, we are coordinating the installation of in-rack sprinkler systems and new dock equipment, as well as scrubber dump and forklift battery charging stations

Despite the implementation of a fast-track schedule accompanied by large-scale design changes, Threecore is working to stay ahead of the client’s schedule by relying heavily on the group’s collective strength in communication and project coordination. We look forward to the completion of this project in the Spring of 2020.